We need partners to help us save the world.

Since the beginning of our project’s activities, we have been very lucky to receive great support by companies and institutions. Direct donations as well as products, presents and vouchers for our charity events – the support has been amazing.

We also are in the process of discussing CSR partnerships for companies to connect to our project. We are ready to meet you to find out how your support could benefit our project, but also your strategic goals (communications, internal participation, etc.). Please, contact us to find out how we could work together.

Sponsorship opportunities in brief:

      • CSR partnership
      • Donation of prizes, vouchers and gifts for our raffle at our annual fundraiser held in November

      • Consulting on a pro bono basis
      • Sports equipment and kits donated/purchased within South Africa 
        (Please note that due to high import tariffs we can not accept donations of any second-hand goods.)

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.
Thank you very much.